We Hate Spam & Spammers

We hate spam. Websule does not participate in sending unsolicited bulk email to people. We have a newsletter and fare alerts that you can request, but you (the user) need to request it, and you can opt out of it at any time. We Hate Spam & Spammers At Websule, we know our success as a business depends completely on gaining and keeping your trust. We will never sell or give your email address to any other company or organization, for any purpose. When you give us your email, it is used only for maintenance of your account, and sending any alerts or newsletters that you request.

We respect the privacy & authority of our clients, users & visitors, more than what we do for our selves.
In order to maintain the integrity of our mass notification system, Websule, Inc. commits to the absolute prohibition of "spam" and unwanted telemarketing to Omnilert subscribers. We will adhere to all applicable CAN-SPAM and telemarketing laws as directed by the Federal Trade Commission.

We hate spam because it's lame and too robotic. We do not like spam. Spam is bad. Spam hurts the net. We like the net. So we do not like spam. In fact, we hate spam. We hate spam as much as you do.

Websule, Inc. will not disclose, sell, share or trade your contact information to anyone, under any circumstances.
If you find spammers or adware bothering you, and they are sending you to Websule.com, please report it to us immediately. If you can, include links or email headers, so we can trace them and make sure they don't get paid.
You may review our complete privacy policy or contact us to learn more.